Get Outside

Fun Ways to Get Outside
  • Go for a morning or evening walk every day.
  • Try gardening. From planting a vegetable and fruit garden to planting a few flowers, both activities get you outside regularly and communing with nature.
  • Have a staycation. Visit French Creek State Park and Nolde Forest State Park and explore the trails and activities that are available. It saves you fuel and invests in local resources.
  • Find a trail. Whether hiking or biking is your speed, there are trails around the county for you to explore. Find one near you at

    Slow down and connect with nature. Sit outside quietly and just appreciate the natural beauty around you! Notice the scents, sights and sounds as you sit quietly and focus on the moment.
  • Go to your neighborhood park or playground. The next time the weather is good, trade your usual gym workout for an outdoor one! Commit to the outdoors, rain or shine.
  • When you’re layered properly, you can enjoy the outdoors in any season, cold, wet or hot.
  • Fish your local streams and lakes.
  • Mardie Townsend, PhD, Deakin University
    “…the growing disconnection with our natural environment is exacerbating the escalating rates of mental illness and that mental health professionals should be prescribing time in nature as often as possible, as well as advocating on the policy level to help ensure access to green spaces for everyone. For this to happen, high quality parks, gardens and nature reserves need to be nearby, served by good public transport, affordable, safe, attractive, with good signage and interpretive information, well managed and maintained, and accessible to people with different physical needs. If we are to prevent an upsurge in mental health issues, especially among children, we need to re-engage humans with nature as a matter of urgency.”